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Kimmuriel the Black/Ghost/Wise/Light

Post by Kimmuriel on Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:25 am

Hello all,

nice to be in the new guild DR after many of our members changed from
AoE to DR now. Well perhaps some words about my characters and me Smile

I'm playing GW since August 2007 so not from the beginning. My first
char Kimmuriel the Black (Ele) started at Nightfall, finishing then
Factions and Prophecies and finally EOTN. This char is hunting for
titles and I have played him most of my time. So if I can help someone
with missi etc. - Kimmuriel the Black can reach each outpost in game.

My 2nd Char is Kimmuriel the Ghost whom I play actual most of my time.
He is a Ritu and goes as SoS or for Discord-Team. He has finished
Factions, Nightfall and EOTN now going for last missi in NF for
protector and finishing the long way to Great Final in Prophecies. If I
have the time I play MQSC with this char as ytank and try to develop a
fine build for wtank.

The 3rd Char is Kimmuriel the Wise my monk - my only female char is
developed for MQSC (smiter and sb) only, but perhaps she can finish her
homeland Cantha or other parts of GW.

The last actual Char is Kimmuriel the Light, a small Paragon on his way from the Istan-Island. It's actual a very long way Smile

Well I enjoy to be in your fine guilld and alliance and hope to do many
nice runs in team e. g. for the Deep or the DoA-Final etc.

Many greetings from Germany

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Level 0: New Newbie

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