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Cassandra Lodestone

Post by Cass - Matt on Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:38 am

And many
Other names

I guess I should add to the listings and tell my tale as well.
I've been a GW player for four years, and in my spare time I... play GW.

Erm. I mean... I read alot, and take care of my pet chinchillas. And my rescued / fostered chinchillas. And go for walks. With my chinchillas. And sometimes go to the pet store, with...
Well, you get the idea.

Prophecies was my first campaign, and remains my favourite. I'm a sucker for PvE and a sucker in PvP. I have all three campaigns, and the expansion. 10 active - somewhat active - character slots, though atm some are just muling it, and some are aspiring survivors... which means they're safer if I don't play them.

You're looking at someone who finished Prophecies on a mesmer, then followed that up by using an Elementalist who's primary weapon was a shocking twin hammer of warding. Mostly with henchies. Was I one of the first Terra Tanks before PvX made them common? I dunno. But it worked. Proph only skills, and for most of it no elite.

My builds are usually a bit wonky. And now that I have heroes to mess with...
Well, don't ask me for builds unless you've got an open mind, a penchant for laughter, or the time to look at how each hero interacts with the others I bring .

That's it for now. If you wanna know more... Imagine it. Write a story. I'll help you with the editing. Another thing I seem to be good at. Or so claims my writing circle.
Cass - Matt
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