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Stepping Down

Post by saintmichael on Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:24 am

I want to thank Tara and the rest of dr for letting me become an officer. I really like this guild and most in the alliance. But I need to step down for a few reasons.

1) At times when someone makes me angry I cannot help but to defend myself or hand out a few choice words. Doing this as an officer paints a negative picture on all the officers and leadership of dr. This is something I do not want.

2) A dozon or so in the alliance feel they are above others on the human ladder. Giving them the right to take down to people and treat them like crap. I will not put up with that ----. Perfect example was our funny talk about what to do on 2012. Some wise guy had to jump all over our case and act like Mr knowitall. You cannot debate a joke. And I hate dealing with people who feel they are above anyone else. To him I say a few words to myself that I cannot say here. We have people that feel they can run things smoother on different levels but do not want to step up to the plate and do it. If thats the case shut your mouth.

3) Morons. Some people are just plain morons that dont know how to have fun.

These are just my opinions and nothing I say is the opinion of dr. This is just me. So with my negative feelings torward some of these people I think it is best for me to step down as an officer before I do tell someone where to go.
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