Redza got banned for 3 dayz X_X

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Redza got banned for 3 dayz X_X

Post by Redza on Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:58 pm

Um... well like the subeject says, i got banned..... wont be on for 3 days ! :X Thats a long time.
Oh well, learned my lesson, ........... next time dont get caught ^_^
I was banned for an innapropraite characther name > wtf who dosint like the name Redza ! oh actually might have been "Disturbed Sxy Bltch" yeah ... that makes sense, but i have that char like 2 months :X
Well, i look forward to see-ing you all... on.... um Sunday?
Apologees towards the DR guild and the ally.
Least Y'all get a break from me eh ^.^

P.S Dont be stupid like me kids !
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