The Azn is here !!

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The Azn is here !!

Post by Chok Dee on Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:44 am

Hi guyz !! Iam a 17 years old boy whos living in Canada. My thai name is Kwanchai (Yes iam Thai lawl) but you can call me by the name my parents gave me Michael i dont care xD

I am pretty new in Guild wars, my favorites professions are : Rangers,Paragons,Assasins. I really like to do AB or playing with some guild mates.

Iam really sociable i have friends all over the world. My hobbies are to do Karaoke,BBoying,chatting with friends,going out for party,listening music and watch some soccer games.

My types of music are Dance,RnB,Hip Hop,Asian pop.

Well i think i described myself correctly Smile
Chok Dee
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Level 0: New Newbie

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