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Lorin Here...

Post by Lorinkun on Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:38 pm


I'm Maarten I'm 20 and I live in Holland.. I've been playing GW for kinda 3 years.. and if you want something to know about me just ask... I'm kinda out of inspiration to tell a story about my self...

anyway my GW characters are..:

Primary character: Lorin Coalwrath (Warrior)
Lorin Amandil (Ranger)
Lorin Oqith (Elementalist)
Lorin Lecter (Ritualist)
Lorin Chikane (Necromancer)
Lorin Euririacal (Paragon)
Lorin Uineniel (Dervish)
Satan Satanus (Assassin)

Greets Lorin
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