This is pie :O

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This is pie :O

Post by Sir Pie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:09 am

I plan on having a better into than trubs Very Happy
My names Richard and im 15. Live in England near milton keynes. Ive been playing guildwars for 2 2/3 years but still am shocking at most things Very Happy allthough ill have ago at almost everythink. I dont have a lust for titles i do however share an addiction to the zaishen chest which our "beloved" leader gave to me =/ ( he still manages to mooch keys off me Very Happy)

Im generally fairly active allthough over past few months ive been bogged down with coursework =/.

Main char: sir pie the great (ele)
best role: (provoking other team)
( as you may be able to tell im always making typos (unless this post is perfect Razz ))

I also have a ps3 and xbox both with live if ne1 ever feels like adding me Very Happy
Ps3: sir pie
xbox: R1CKYMG
Sir Pie
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Level 0: New Newbie

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