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Bring Your Own Build - BYOB

Post by Nervo on Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:43 pm

BYOB Rules

The BYOB (Bring Your Own Build) Event is meant to be a fun, sand-lot style pick up GvG game. The idea is to have Team Captains semi-randomly select team members. The Host will try to ensure all Alliance members who wish to participate are selected for a team.

The BYOB is held every Sunday at 5:00 PM Eastern US Time. Participants meet in the Tank Masters guild hall.

Players will assemble on the main stairs in front of the Guild Lord to be counted. The Host will count and determine the appropriate size of the teams to facilitate maximum participation.

Players arriving after the count has been initiated, should stand by the storage chest. Players arriving after team sizes have been determined, may be asked to sit out the first round.

Once team sizes have been determined, volunteers for Team Captain will be asked to step forward and roll a 100-sided die “/roll100”. Team Captains will be determined by the highest number.

Once the Team Captains are determined, they will line up in front, with the highest-rolling Team Captain at the left when viewed from the stairs. The highest-rolling Team Captain will pick first. Team selection will continue until all members have been picked. Late-arriving players, will stand by the Storage Chest until all on-time players have been picked. The Host can be selected to make even teams…after all other players have been picked.

Once teams have been selected, a Guild Scrimmage will be initiated by one of the Team Captains/leaders (reordering to facilitate monk healers is recommended). The other Team Captain/leader will accept.

If more than 16 players show up to play, more than 2 teams will be made as determined by the host (suggested guidelines: 17-21 players = 3 teams; 22-32 players = 4 teams.

If 3 teams: Team #3 will sit out the first round and play the winner of round 1. The loser of the first round will then sit out 1 round and play the winner of the 2nd round. This will continue until each team has played 3 rounds or until team integrity disintegrates, at which new Team Captains and teams will be selected.

If 4 or even number of teams: Teams #1 and 2 will scrimmage from TM’s hall. Teams #3 and 4 will travel (Team Captains/leaders) to DR’s hall.

The Guild Lord is not the primary focus of scrimmage battles. Battles are meant to be waged between the teams; killing the Guild Lord should not commence until victory on the battlefield has been attained. Most battles will be on the beach.

Teams should pick up and defend the flag. Flags should be placed in the flag stand and defended. A runner can be designated, however usually resurrected members can run the flag back to the stand.

Battles will continue until a double victory or “best-2-outta-3” is attained (except with odd-number teams mentioned above). After which, teams will be dissolved, new Team Captains chosen and new teams selected. Late-comers are welcome to join in subsequent rounds…just stand on the stairs and be counted.

The BYOB typically will continue through 2-3 team selection cycles, but may continue as long as there is interest. There is no entry fee for this event…it is just for fun!
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