2v2 suggestion (i'll do brackets, etc)

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2v2 suggestion (i'll do brackets, etc)

Post by saviour iddon on Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:05 am

If your losing, at least you have someone to blame

Basically an extension to the allience 1v1 tourney.

Every so often, (every fortnight?) I can put a sign-up post on th'forums, teams of 2 post thier team name, members, motto(? if you want), and a number between 1 and 100 (youll see why later)

500g entry fee, more teams the better, ill set up brackets etc, elimination rules, winner takes all.

The Fight Club is a 2v2 tournament held every [time to be confirmed] The tourney is hosted by [TBC, probably DR] and held in their guild hall. Each participant can sign up with any build they want, *subject to the hosts approval, and will fight each other in 2v2 battles in an elimination tourney until there is 1 winning team. Once entered you cannot change your build; the same build must be used throughout the tourney.

(Remember: It's a 2v2 scrimmage, so PvE skills can't be used.)
There's a 1k per team entry fee with a winner take all prize.

*Due to multiple complaints, we had to add this clause. The skill Weaken Knees has been banned, as has the Touch Ranger build. This had to be done in an effort to keep this a fair fight.

just a modified version of the 1v1 tourney rules.
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