Well this is it for a long while.

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Well this is it for a long while.

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:47 pm

I had fun everyone but I've been going through some rough crap in my life.. I need to move figure things out a bit...But wait your only moving right? Well haha....Sorry everyone I'm gonna miss you all dearly but dwarfy is gone for a long while...Moving means I'll be away from games for a while gotta figure my life out. Figure out where I stand and where I'm going...

Thanks all for the amazing times. Haha almost in tears this is hard to write.

Kanni:Well man...I'm gonna miss you haha...Your one of the few people I respect on this game..or on any online game for that matter..You've been a great friend..Can't wait for me to sign back on one day and be like hey man =D. But I gotta sat goodbye for a little while. Thanks for showing my 1349 =D. Later bro.

Maya: What can I say. It hurts to leave you =(.. All of you...Your like the family that helped me get trought alot of my issues. Thank you Maya...In a odd way I love you =D.
Your the nicest person I've ever met on a game. My Big grandma =D. I'm gonna miss you haha. <3

Pinky: What can I say pink...I'm gonna miss you alot...and I mean that..You've been a nice kind person to me and I thank you =D. Kinda running things to write on the spot..
I'll miss you pinky... mwah.

Tidus: Haha you funny man you...Always running the wierd ass builds...That we all sucked.. haha. (I think were all just jealous of the masive amounts of invetivness you have haha) I'm gonna miss chatting man.

Everyone; I've had good times with all you. Can't write them all down. But I'm gonna miss each and everyone of you. Faction farming vanqs abing pve the whole bit. Thanks to everyone who has helped me in the game. Thanks to everyone that chatted with me =D. Thanks to everyone for just being a m8 on a great game. Thank you all...Hope you all do have fun with the time you have with everyone..

Man this sucks writting this...Broke out in tears about now. ahha...

I love you all...

Ps. I'll try and post on the forums when I can..Keep you guys up to date...
Dwarfy out

Much love.
=( <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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Re: Well this is it for a long while.

Post by Booka Babe on Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:58 pm

Hey, sweetie, we'll miss you too. In a way I also love you and you're like a grandson to me. I've had the good fortune to meet a lot of excellent people in this game and you're right at the top of the list.

Do what you need to do, but don't dwell on bad things. Deal with them as quickly as possible and move on. If you can't fix it, ignore it or get into a position that it's no longer an issue.

I hope moving and a chance to think things through quickly makes you feel better. I'll make sure not to kick you from the guild or the forum and if you ever need to talk, message me or email me. We'll be here for you waiting for your return.

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