Urgoz HM runs - what you need to know if you want to join!

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Urgoz HM runs - what you need to know if you want to join!

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:02 am

Hi All!

Most of you probably know that we in TM run Urgoz quite a lot. Very often we ask people to join us becuase we cannot always muster all the people requried. And just as often we need to explain and ping builds.. So I figured I would write what you need to know to join the runs:

requirements (you'd be amazed how often people dont think of this:)
* You char must be able to access Urgoz Warren or House zu Heltzer
* You char must have access to factions HM
* All participants contribute with 1k per conset used to the one using consets, so bring 2-3k

Team composition:

1 Tank/Puller:
Must have experience in Urgoz to be tank/puller - OQcSE5KTBM0ksixlbF8E+EDW

2 MM's :
normally heroes, but players can MM's too
Example: OANEQVxm22gHUEgEg2U4oWyEDA

1 EoE barrage Ranger
Must be player to use EoE best - OggkYdXb2JqUq4MJGziBqRxBNI0B
Should carry a beastmastery mask with superior rune to raise beast mastery to 11 when casting EoE.
expertise 13 recommended.

3 HB monks or N/Rt healers (minimum 1 HB/heal party spammer)
The N/Rt restorer can be hero (just use Sabway build OAhkUoG4BGqTMzOgI2dDTp548iB)
HB monk - something like this: OwYT043AZKuKHcj43Ri4jAZQmAA
could be a HB/UA monk combo, but since we dont run with a BiP, we recommend Mo/E for glyph of lesser energy

1 SS/MoP necro
standard SS necro nuker - example: OAVDQjxHT5BLB7B3giBWCxi7iA
Must bring "Consume Corpse"

2-4 Ele nukers
typically something like this OgVCoMzDygsSMKiLBgxYFXA or similar - spice it up with PvE skills..
Important to bring fire attunement as there is no BiP

0-2 optional, AoE preferred.
optionals can be another EoE ranger, An ele water warder, another SS/MoP necro, RoJ monk or similar AoE-capable builds.

So, if you want to join us you need to be able to fullfill one of the roles. Typically we need HB monks, so that will be your biggest chance!

See you out there!


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Re: Urgoz HM runs - what you need to know if you want to join!

Post by Booka Babe on Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:54 pm

Thanks for the info, Lord. I'll save all the builds to a template for folks who may want to go, as so few bother reading the forum and will never know this great post exists. Neutral

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